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Christian Purity Jewelry at Pumpkin Seed Press

In a world that continually seems to profit from loose morality, Pumpkin Seed Press brings a Light to shine your message of Christian purity and hope. Our line of purity jewelry is crafted of the highest quality gold, to display a message of the value of the gift of purity. God’s message is clear to us, that we are destined for that one special love; help your children value their gifts with these exceptional purity necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Purity Jewelry as Gifts

Some of our Christian purity jewelry designs feature a locket and a key. The key is kept by the parents in anticipation of their child’s wedding day, to be given to their spouse to commemorate the special union. In the Christian purity necklace, wearers can put a message to their future love, in anticipation of that momentous occasion.

Giving purity jewelry as a gift to your child indicates that you are involved in the important aspects of their lives, and take responsibility and accountability for their conduct. It enables parents to connect over this important issue, and be a positive, supporting source, for girls and boys alike.  Purity jewelry is a way to gently and proudly display a part of your faith.

Many Options for Purity Jewelry

We offer many different styles and kinds of Christian purity jewelry to fit the personality and individuality of your child or loved one. Available in both 14K gold and sterling silver, these heirloom quality purity jewelry pieces are made to last for years to come: a treasured reminder of the promises we make.

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