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Character Building Books for Children by Pumpkin Seed Press

What is character? How do we instill Christian character in our children? Just as in many important facets of our lives, sometimes it’s important to have the right guide. It is our responsibility to nurture and support our children, so they are outstanding examples of Christian character in the world.

At Pumpkin Seed Press, we’ve made it our mission to help provide families with the tools they need for Godly Christian character building in our children.  We know and understand the value of being present in your child’s growth, helping to establish their Christian character from the very beginning.

Love and Be Loved

For children to flourish, they need to be surrounded in unconditional love. Parents can provide this in many ways to help build Christian character in their children. Our books for character building incorporate the preciousness of childhood with Biblical instruction, designed to inspire and capture the minds and imaginations of children.

Character Building Books | The Right Example

These days, it seems fairly impossible to find books for children that provide opportunities for character building. Books that once were loved and cherished by generations have come under fire for their overt messages of Christian character building. But that is not our stance.

We value character building books that are grounded in Biblical tradition, essential cornerstones of your child’s growth and Christian character. We know these timeless character building books will be an important part of your family life together.

Take a look around, and discover some of the character building books we offer here at Pumpkin Seed Press.