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Books for Christian Men | Pumpkin Seed Press

Many men find it difficult to jump start their relationships—whether it be with their wives, their families, or with the Lord. That’s why it’s so important to provide good Christian books for men, to help with the guidance and structure necessary for spiritual growth in the every day. The right books for Christian men can be all the difference between stagnation and excellence.

Our books range from adult-oriented books for Christian men, to titles intended for younger audiences. We believe that growth on every level is essential to creating strong, hard-working, God-loving men, and it’s never too young to start building that foundation—a foundation that will last a lifetime.

The Family Connection.

At Pumpkin Seed Press, we believe in the family connection. That why our books for Christian men are often centered around family activities and encourage the bonding between men and their  families. And combined with daily devotions and Bible study, these books for Christian men are an invaluable tool for growth and understanding.

Every one of God’s people are unique, and so we offer a wide variety of books for Christian men. Some concentrate on the group aspect of Bible study and learning, while some are intended for individual study. Whether you’re looking for a book for the seasoned Christian, or just beginning your walk with Christ, you can find the perfect book.

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