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About Us

Ever feel like there are just not enough minutes in the day? Feel like you are not spending enough TIME with your child?  As parents we spend a great quantity of time with our children. Our goal at PSP  is to help you convert that time into quality time. Our products are specifically designed to create an enjoyable experience to share with your child!

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   This family run business was established in 2000 by Bob and Shelley Noonan. Our three now-grown-children have and still contribute to this business in so many ways. 
  • Laura, our oldest and only daughter, using her business experience from PayPal has been instrumental in developing the business and designing the Btwixt and Btween blog.
  • Joshua, our oldest son, has worked tirelessly to developed our social media presence over multiple platforms in a matter of mere months.  
  • Jacob, our youngest son, has contributed by being a travel partner and accompanying his mom to many conferences. We also published a book written by Jacob in June of 2015 called Lessons Of King Arthur and His Court. This is a study guide Jacob created for Legends of King Arthur and HIs Court. as a final homeschool project for boys and adventurous girls ages 9-14.

Pumpkin Seed Press publishes five books that glean the wisdom of classic Christian Literature for today’s families by including thought provoking discussion questions, in-depth Bible studies, and application.  The Companion Guide to Beautiful GirlhoodBeyond Beautiful Girlhood Plus Companion Guide, and The Three Weavers Plus Companion Guide are a complete mentoring program for girls ages 9-18. 
Along with writing, Shelley speaks on a wide variety of topics. PSP produces and carries these sixteen encouraging CD's and down-loadable Mp3's.   Every product we create has the sole purpose of under girding the family with practical ideas on how to mentor children and maintain healthy, vibrant relationships in the home, through the Word of God

Our company also carries a wide selection of character training  books and products that compliment the Bible studies we have written and fill a need for discipleship materials in the Christian family.